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Abstract: The synchronized interplay or entrainment of the mirrored helix-halves become disrupted as the observer interacts with each of the variables within truth-lie helix. The disrupted state is decoherent vs the synchronized entrainment is coherent.


It follows, therefore that the Helix demonstrates there may be some variability in the regulatory network inside of each substructure within the truth-lie helix that allows some of the variables to respond more strongly to one cue versus another at any given time dependent upon the apperceptions of the observer.


Logic: some of the substructures have more of an inflammatory response as opposed to a healing response to the observer, causing the observer to distribute time as they are using or interacting with each truth-lie variable at a slightly different rate.  This phenomenon is similar to macrophages in that they both fight inflammation and fix the damage they cause.


Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 7.09.12 PM.png

Conclusion: The Holy Trinity Helix becomes the baseline for exploring the origin for the concept of context collapse.  By taking a word and illustrating how it can incrementally change context as it moves away from itself is a metaphor for truth losing context of itself as a result of interacting with an Observer.  As you progress through each word in the helix, the energy or emotion of the subsequent words substantiate or create a relative context for the previous word.  This process develops a feedback loop and keeps the energy flowing regardless of the type or value of emotion being felt.  As this process continues, it builds more and more momentum  and paradoxically degrades the absolute nature of the previous word. An example of this can be seen when a gallerist creates a comparison (or comp) between artworks to substantiate a relative context for an artist.  For example, artist “X” looks like Jackson Pollock’s “Easter and the Totem”. This comparison is designed to create a type of feedback loop or similarity between artist “X” and Jackson Pollock as it creates a vague context to a work, while letting the buyer fill in the pieces with their own context and apperceptions of both Jackson Pollock’s painting aesthetic as well as what a Jackson Pollock means to the art world.


truth_fact helix .gif
lies_fiction helix .gif
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