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Of course masterpieces are being made today. [Amy Capellazzo]
Can you find the next Picasso? 

People know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. [Stefan Edlis] Void of self-referential apperceptions and neuroesthetics, do you have the ability to see the next great masterwork? Or are you reliant on the data of the CV to inform you who other people think the next great artist is? Most collectors don't have a learned eye, so they buy what's on-trend. The art world is full of lemmings; there's a whole lot of followers and very few leaders. [Stefan Edlis]


When individuals contemplate the aesthetic appeal, different neural processes are engaged. Processes of object identification and aesthetic judgment are involved simultaneously in the overall perception of aesthetics.

Physiological phenomenon can explain several aspects of art appreciation. Art may be most appealing if it produces heightened activity in a single dimension rather than redundant activation of multiple modules, restricted by the allocation of attentional resources.

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