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PFUEL labs serves as a pedagogical instrument expressing an all encompassing unified aspect of the HGP. In congruence with the HGP, PFUEL labs is in a perpetual state of evolution—reorganizing and reconfiguring itself. More over, the goal is to utilize PFUEL labs as a model to create and build new insights within the field of high energy physics. 

PFUEL labs is an [inner]active multi-dimensional character profile of a superfluid subatomic particle (Hyper Growth Particle) spanning an art multi-verse.

Art, film, fashion, science, and technology are the interface(s) for the field of experiences- the content of which are the variants of the HGP.

spaning an art metaverse


Encounters with UFO’s beings may be our last true quantum discovery in the large scale world: The very act of observing it may be creating it as a concrete actuality, with sense, definition, and a consciousness of its own.


-The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot




PFUEL labs develops art-based thought experiments that test and map a multi-dimensional character profile of a superfluid particle.


Consciousness has depth and imagination + experience. The particle needs to be able to behave in the same manner and quite frankly it needs to be relatable so that the audience can engage. Which is why we often give the particle human form.


The point of the experiments isn’t to show you something you’ve already seen. It’s to free the mind of all encumbrances and apperceptions and find freedom in a state of consciousness that can only be described as Super-Now. 


Over the millennia, the human form has evolved with our imaginations. Once upon a time, people saw gods, faeries, and Marian apparitions. Today it’s UFOs and space aliens. So, what is the next iteration of the human form and how can we test that with a superfluid particle?


Right now in your pocket, are billions of images. Within seconds you have access to a seemingly infinite amount of  images depicting the human form. The pleasure that people derive from looking at beautiful objects automatically engages general reward circuitry. And in order to get you to gaze at a given image just a bit longer, the creator has exaggerated it in some fashion. Tits, lips, and ass are exaggerated. Filters make people look like animals or cartoons. The next iteration of the human form isn’t human at all. The human form is now augmented reality and machine learning is force feeding it to us all day, every day.


Instagram has made human imagination lazy. 


...the artist is in a sense, a neuroscientist, exploring the potentials and capacities of the brain, though with different tools. How such creations can arouse aesthetic experiences can only be fully understood in neural terms. Such an understanding is now well within our reach.


- Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroesthetics at the University College of London

THE HGP AS A HOLOGRAPHIC EXPERIENCE: Paintings, Sculpture, Film, Performance Art, Fashion to enhance the ‘Retrospective’ experience.


In the same way that: 


  • Popular culture has transmuted the utilitarian function of the garments, sneakers and  accessories like belts, bags and sunglasses into status symbols.

  • An artist can bifurcate the intended function of a ready made object into art by virtue of changing the context of said objects intended function.


The use of the previously mentioned items creates a link between the artifacts and observer—eliciting thoughts like, “I have those, I know someone who has that, I’ve seen those before, or such and such celebrity has those.”  From the perspective of the observer, these sentiments translate to ideas like, “This is cool, I want to be part of this, I can be part of this.” More generally, the uses of these artifacts creates a sense of identity and familiarity: a sameness so to speak.




Because theoretical jargon can be dry and boring, The use of painting, sculpture, film and performance art was used as a medium to create a more visceral and vibrant narrative about the HPG—a visual mapping of its various processes and orientations—a physical network—a tactile and multi-sensory psychographic profile. Moreover, within province of the totality of this architecture, subtle hues of multiple realities simultaneously occurring, underscoring a sense mysticism—eliciting the observers imagination—inviting them to connect with the material in their own unique and personal way.  


Consider the notion that the human condition is emblematic of a complete and whole system—as we react both mentally and biologically to everything we experience.  It follows therefore, that as an interconnect web of experiences, the project aims to satiate both mental and biological systems within the observer, as it strives to create an unabridged assembly between the HGP and observer.

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