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Fear is universal for humans. We’re chemically wired to react to fear at a primal level, as your brain will start pumping chemicals throughout your body to create a fight-or-flight response.The proliferation of fear based tactics have been used for centuries to sell goods or promote agendas.

The Holy Trinity Project explores:

  1. combining fear based marketing strategies and tactics with religious propaganda to elicit a response from the participant.

  2. the idea of truth within machine learning

  3. religion as an interface between man and machine

  4. how the collapse of context can be utilized and/or weaponized to proliferate propaganda 

  5. how the subjective nature of observation can augment the integrity of truth via context collapse.

Abstract: The Holy Trinity Observation was designed to examine the reciprocal effects that an observer has on truth and reality.  


Within the process of an observer interacting with truth and experiencing reality, there is a moment where both truth and reality are in their most pliable state.  Think about truth and reality as two entangled particles—mirrored entities in a synchronized dance of simultaneous action—instantaneously informing one another.  As such, as truth and reality take on a new form, the relative nature of truth and reality morph into a new base entity in a superposition with the Observer.

Screen Shot 2021-01-20 at 6.40.54 PM.png

Conclusion:  As a dynamic, self-sustaining and self propagating entity, Truth is hard wired to exaggerate its understanding of self — relative to context.  The subjective nature within the process of observation (as a field of energy that Truth interacts with) forces or predisposes Truth to enter a state of decoherence (or wave function collapse), perpetually authenticating/re-orienting/re-identifying itself.


Within this process it momentarily loses sight of the relative context of itself.  It is during this moment when the context of Truth is susceptible to foreign influence and can be exploited as it is in its most pliable state.  At an infinitesimal moment, occurs a void when there is a break in communication and interference happens causing context collapse. As a result, truth exaggerates itself in order to compensate for its loss of context or position within the framework of itself.  This is similar to a correction phase within the stock market when an asset or the entire market gets overinflated. A market correction is defined as a decline of 10% or greater in the price of a security, asset, or financial market—lasting anywhere from days to months or ever longer. Similarly, as Truth enters its correction phase, it can subtly enter the dark world of Lies. Hence, the Lie become an alternate Reality, while Truth on the other hand becomes the Super-Now or the Now moment for the Observer.

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